Hotel Himara

Covid 19 Safety Measures Guideline as recommended by the Ministry of Tourism, India.

General Guidelines

  • All staff and guests will need to have the ArogyaSetu App available during check-in.
  • All hostel staff, including security personnel must wear masks, single use gloves, maintain a safe distance of 6 feet, while at the property.
  • 6 feet social distancing markings have been created to ensure maximum safety during check-in.
  • All hostel personnel have been trained to use safety measures like masks, hand sanitizers while doing daily activities.
  • All properties are under surveillance of fully functional CCTV cameras.
  • Daily temperature checks with a thermal gun thermometer for all staff members and guests.
  • All touch points like door knobs, switches, door handles, safety latches, taps are being cleaned regularly with at least 70% alcohol content surface cleaners.
  • In case of events, the hostel will follow social distancing norms for table and seating arrangements.
  • Adequate isolation facilities are available in case of any requirement for the suspected Covid patient.
  • All Woke properties will be additionally stocked with hand sanitizers, masks, garbage bags, chemicals for deep cleaning, thermal gun, hand gloves. Please contact the front desk to avail safety amenities.
  • According to CPWD guidelines, temperature setting of all air conditioners should be kept in the range of 24-30 C with relative humidity in the range of 40-70%.
  • Communication between guests and in-house staff should be through intercom or mobile phone.

Check-in and Check-out Protocol for guests

  • Guests are requested to follow the social distancing markings created at the reception during check-in.
  • Details of travel history and medical conditions, ID and self declaration forms must be provided by the guest at the reception.
  • Avoid interaction during check-in.
  • Sanitize hands before and after filling relevant forms.
  • Ask for hostel do’s and don’ts in case of doubt.
  • Any exchange of items with the staff should take place while maintaining 1m distance.
  • Guests should inform the reception an hour before check-out.
  • Guests should only check-out after they have been confirmed by the reception.
  • Guests will be informed about the payment in advance and are requested to make a digital payment, if possible.

Do’s and Don’ts for guests

  • Wear a mask in all common spaces
  • Clothes should not be washed inside the room
  • No visitors allowed in the room
  • Maintain social distancing at the property.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap or sanitizers.
  • Put all disposable plates/ cups/ bottles after use in garbage bags.
  • Guests should not visit containment zones.

Housekeeping Guidelines

  • Linen will be changed as per request by existing guests.
  • Guests will be informed about the payment in advance and are requested to make a digital payment, if possible.
  • Guests’ recommendations will be taken for cleaning. Daily cleaning will be available with an option for the guest to opt out.
  • In case of repair or maintenance work, staff will get on a video call with guests to assist the guest.

Staff and Guest training

  • All staff has been properly briefed and a drill regarding the same has been put in place.
  • Awareness and emergency posters have been placed inside rooms and around common spaces.

Kitchen Guidelines

  • Social distancing should be maintained the kitchen
  • Wear protective gear like gloves and mask
  • Wash utensils immediately after use
  • Clean and sanitize the kitchen after cooking

Along with all the measures mentioned above, we have also established a Rapid Response Team who is responsible to prevent incidents, manage cases, circulate relevant communication, and train employees in hygiene and sanitation practices.